Welcome to the official website of The Chief Electoral Officer of Sikkim.


    Procedure for obtaining certified entry of Electoral Roll.  

After the publication of Rolls you can obtain a copy of the certified entry by approaching the ERO concerned. You will be required to deposit some money and thereafter the ERO will issue the required certificate.

  Rationalisation/ change in existing Polling Stations:  
  The process of rationalisation and changing of existing Polling Stations will start after the publication of the Roll. For this purpose consultation will be held with the representatives of the Political Parties before any changes are made. Howver the process of rationalisation has been completed for the ensuing elections.
  For inclusion of your name in the Electoral Rolls, fill the  following forms:
  To download, click on the corresponding form names.
  Form 6 Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll.
Application for transfer of names from one Assembly Constituency to other Assembly constituency.
  Form 6A Application for inclusion of names of NRI Electors
  Form 7 Application for objection/ deletion to inclusion of name in electoral roll.
  Form 8 Application for correction of particulars of elector in electoral roll.
  Form 8A Application for transposition (Transfer from one polling station to other polling station within constituency).

Note :  You cannot have names at two places (Assembly Constituency or in the State) so please get your name deleted before adding it at a new address.